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In the name of Allah

Why do we have only one Quran but several religions?

I want to classify this event in two categories.) here, event means "several religions."(

One thing is, everything happens by accident. (not intentional)

Another, everything is under management. (a person deliberately created several religions from a Qur'an.)


some events occur accidently but there are many factors that affect an accident.

Let's put it along with this definition of religion;

it seems to me to define religion with the relationship between man and the text he believes in.

So, we can divide the factors of accident into factors related to mankind and factors related to the Qur'an.

Some of the words in the Quran are as follows:

لعلکم تتفکرون. لعلکم تعقلون...

Which means that activating the thinking of each human is important.

How does the Quran do this? How does it activate thinking?

Thinking= تفکر و تعقل

It seems that there is a system or several systems in the Quran that promotes thought and reason.

thought and reason. = تفکر و تعقل

There is a verse that refers to these words; محکمات and متشابهات and   اولوالالباب and راسخون فی العلم.


"هُوَ الَّذی أَنْزَلَ عَلَیْکَ الْکِتابَ مِنْهُ آیاتٌ مُحْکَماتٌ هُنَّ أُمُّ الْکِتابِ وَ أُخَرُ مُتَشابِهاتٌ فَأَمَّا الَّذینَ فی قُلُوبِهِمْ زَیْغٌ فَیَتَّبِعُونَ ما تَشابَهَ مِنْهُ ابْتِغاءَ الْفِتْنَةِ وَ ابْتِغاءَ تَأْویلِهِ وَ ما یَعْلَمُ تَأْویلَهُ إِلاَّ اللّهُ وَ الرّاسِخُونَ فِی الْعِلْمِ یَقُولُونَ آمَنّا بِهِ کُلٌّ مِنْ عِنْدِ رَبِّنا وَ ما یَذَّکَّرُ إِلاّ أُولُوا اْلأَلْبابِ

سوره مبارکه آل عمران آیه 7"

“Allah is the One Who has sent Down to you [ O, Messenger] the [Holy]Book; some of its Words of Revelation Are Decisive and Explicit and these are The basics of the Book and others are Ambiguous; then those in whose hearts There is the disease of perversity, they Are after that which is not entirely clear, seeking to mislead and seeking to interpret [ to suit their selfish motives], But none knows its hidden meaning save Allah. And those who are firmly Grounded in knowledge say:" We Believe in the whole of it since it is From our Creator and Nurturer." And none Can grasp the truth of this save men of Wisdom;

it seems that I have to put myself in the way of accessing this ideal status. Status of; راسخون فی العلم و اولوالاالباب

Here is the earth and we are temporarily in order to

 test / evaluate / try and error / attempt and compensate / read the Qur'an and upgrade / read and grow.

Therefore, the Quran is a text that grows up.

The evaluation is factored in the essence of growth.

And the exam will rejection.

It depends entirely on the examiner's will.

And in the case of humans. What about humans?

What are the human factors that unintentionally/unwittingly help to making several religious?

In the Qur'an, عجول/ هلوع/ کفور/ کنود/ قتور/ قنوط/ ضعیف/ ظلوم جهول/ ظلوم کفور are some of the natural traits of man.

Thus, ignoring these traits leads man to unexpected deviation.


for example;

People like to quickly get out of work and they want to quickly gain a lot of benefits, so they can not wait for Imam Ali. People do not want to make a lot of change, and they prefer to think that everything is good and there is no need for further changes. they are satisfied with the current situation. They are عجول/هلوع/کفور/ کنود/ قتور/ قنوط/ ضعیف/ ظلوم جهول/ ظلوم کفور/...  And! they don’t knowL

They can not wait too long.

So they are joining anyone else that they think is more profitable.

Meanwhile, they must accept their new head's analysis of the Quran Because, they love Paradise in addition to the world. And they also do not have the patience to read and understand the Qur'an themselves.  They Must rely on someone!

 Human beings must recognize their natural traits and also recognize their souls and increase themselves from nature to God.

From nature to Asma'ullah.

From nature to Fetrat.

These views were about the possibility of chance in the creation of several religions from the Qur'an.

Second, a person deliberately created several religions from a Qur'an.

If the name of this person / force is Satan, he is responsible for human deviation.

Satan made great and famous crimes against Ahlul Bayt.

Satan has always tried to deflect beliefs and thoughts.

He has created religions near Islam to deceive the people.

He helped anyone who was Pharaoh to take government.

He covers the concept of “VELAYAT”.

However, the third idea of the sum of these two ideas has been extracted;

The Quran is a book for growth, and man has natural weaknesses and Satan wants to distract man.

What is our main task in this situation?

We must read the Quran and understand its general and main systems and structures, and place the details in the main structure in order to find the path and the Imam and the truth and act on the basis of the right/حق/ ‘HAGH’.

‘Hagh’ is one and can not be two.

Imam is ‘Hagh’ so, can not be two.

Religion is what our Imam invites, and the Imam never invites us to two different things.

the Qods day

In the name of Allah

Today I went to institute. Institute of TOLUE HAGH. What a good name they have. Today was good. Master talked about Palestine and Israel. He talked more about QODS and this kind of event for Palestinians. as the master’s hometown was in one city in USA so he was familiar with a lot of Palestinian in school and city and likes that. And it was very interesting for me cause, I had not seen none of them at all! In my really contact.

I don’t know who are they?

How do they think?

Are the Israeli people really kill them? Really?! I saw a lot of movie about Palestine that is true. But not understandable!

Today I realized that there are 8 million people just in Gaza. Well that is a lot.

So, are all of them in lack of food?

How many of them have problem?

How many of them will soon be driven out of their city?

Do they live with stress and fear?

Or they live in hope to have a better future?

Or they don't concern about anything! and they have an ordinary live! and they are friend with the people of Israel?

master said as people in Tehran are different, Palestinians are different, too. For example; Some of them are religious and some non-religious.

Hmmm…. I think, there is difference between different with different!

philosophical statement!

I mean, our religious people are revolutionaries. Are their religious people also revolutionaries?

We are looking for Imam!

We are following the path of the Imam!

We want to execute Imam's orders.

Do they also have Imam?

Our religious people are so good people, not traditional and simple and fanatics, are their religious people the same?

Our revolutionary religious people are knowledgeable. Are their religious revolutionary people like this?

Our revolutionary people are united, are the religious people of Palestine united, too?

Why are not the Israeli people ashamed of the Palestinian people, or at least they are not afraid of them?

master said all of the Palestinians don't agree with demonstration. some of them are agree and do that but some say this make worse.

I will continue, En Sha Allah.

don't think. set color

I have a sun in my panting. I am thinking about the color of that.
I think that, yellow is a very happy color and make my painting happy. Light red is nice, too. But, light red sun is a little gloomy. 
Can you help me, buddy? What is your recommend?
"Why do you want to set color to your sun?", Buddy said. 
"Because, color expresses deep feeling. I like it. I want to set color.", I said.
"Why do you painting?", Buddy said.
"I finished my daily routine and I have time to pleasure, so I painted and I want to set color to my sun and I don’t know which one is better. What is your idea?" , I said.
"Why did you paint sun?" , Buddy said.
"I don’t know! Maybe, As you know my painting is not very good and my colors aren’t a lot so I prefer to paint sun" , I said.
"Really? What a poor man. And I don’t have any coloring pencil. So I should paint the night because, I just have a black pen." , Buddy said.
"Do you want to paint? Do you have time like me? So, If you want to paint I have a few pencil, you can use them. I think the night is not a good paint for joy yourself." , I said.
"Do you think you are a poor man just because your low ability to painting and your few color pencil? ", Buddy said.
"If I was better in painting maybe I paint more but I am not an advanced painter and I don’t want to be one of them because it is not my duty and my mission " , I said.
"Why are you alive?" , Buddy said.
"What?" , Buddy said.
"Why are you alive?" , Buddy said.
"Me?" , I said.
"You want to do some kind of activity that it is hard for you. You mean that you are a poor man and you should die and we should pity you." 
"You?" , I said.
"Me and other colleague of this company should be depressed for you.", Buddy said.
"No, thanks! It is not important. working in this company is My real mission and i am making money. I don’t have any problem. Don’t worry yourself for me." , I said.

"You have a lack of fatherless in your depths of existence ", Buddy said.
"Really? I should think about it. Maybe you are correct…yes. I think you are correct. I can feel it" I said.

"So, think about it more."  Buddy said.

Why are you chocked?

.She was chocked with tears

Sorry for your tears. But why? Why are you chocked?e

.Let  review the events

You where advertising your goods in the train but no one  wants to buy anything. And your voice show that you were becaming disappointed.e

As I know, you are a young single woman about 35 years old. Sickness makes your body hard to move and to speak. so, it's impossible to speak normally. But thanks God, you don’t have any brain disorders. you are selling socks but I don’t need now. And  we are in the train. Here is crowded. And it is 8 o'clock! And it is an express train! Couldn't you use a non-express train for selling? These statements pass in my mind.e 

After about 5 minuets you came near the stairs. you were in the top floor of the train and we were in the down floor. When you yell to advertise and looking us, you and me made an eye connection. And I didn’t need anything. so, I looked the other side.e

You yell and advertise a lot and after that you hesitate and interrupt to advertise. May be you chocked disappointed about us.e

In this time one of the traveler who has about 25 years old said: "Please give me your goods."e

"Here you are. Thanks. Please buy some of them."e

certainly, you didn’t say these things. you can't speak fast. But you would if you can. So, you Just was looking with a kind of expectation.e

Traveler yell:" ladies! Please notice. These are her goods. I have known her. That's a lot of years that she came here to sell things. As you see, she has movements problem and unfortunately her parents are the same too. She is here from morning till night to sell. 2 thousand TOMAN is not a lot of money for you but it is important for her." So, please buy something from her.e

At this moment, I looked at you to find what is your reaction?e

 I find you chocking with tears.e

I became chocked, too. And I wanted to emote myself about your reaction. so, I say slowly to my nearest traveler that "she is chocked with tears!"e

I looked at others. I saw that some of them were chocked  with tears too.e

We all were chocked with tears.e

who know why?e