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Your pleasure

In the name of Allah

Something that is very close to birth is death!

Mother feels the presence of God in her own, in every moment, especially in the last months of pregnancy. At least, sometimes, moms feel the presence of a creature in her own, especially when baby shakes or does not shake when it is expected to shake! The growth of a baby in the mother's body is kind of miracle, being alive is a miracle, too. breathing at any moment. Pumping the heart at any moment!  learning more new things, constantly by mind. becoming more patient and kinder and ….

The bad moment is the moment that all of this goes away! the last breaths! The last moving! The last… When the choice is taken from humans. for this difficult situation, just a mother can change this bad situation to the best one with her clever and subtle and gentle request from God! the mothers know how much the moment of death can be sweet. embracing a familiar stranger whose her mother was expecting so much for her is a sweet experience for moms. So, mothers know how they can pray for having the best death!

O Allah! put me the death as the best thing that I am waiting for!

O Allah! put me the death as the best thing that I will face to it. Glad tidings that makes my heart calm. A breeze of mercy. Your pleasure. Glad tidings of dignity.

الهم...واجعل الموت خیر غائب انتظره و خیر مطّلع یطّلع علی و ارزقنی...روحا من رحمتک و حظّا من رضوانک و بشری من کرامتک...


When the sun reaches its highest point, the turning-down begins.

وقتی که خورشید به بالاترین نقطه ی خود می رسد نوبت پایین آمدن آغاز می شود


From the prayers of Hazrat Fatima at noon with Allah from Sahifeh Fatemiyeh's book


In the name of Allah

After passing away of Holy Muhammad, Salman Farsi was severely affected so, he could not meet Fatima and Ali for 10 days.

During this time (Ninth day), a gift from Paradise had come to Fatima. She decided to give the Salman a date from this heavenly gift.

On the tenth day Salman left the house and saw Ali. Ali told him that you persecuted us.

Salman told Ali that, for these 10 days, sadness did not let me to meet you, I never did not want to persecute you.

Ali told him, meet Fatima. she wants to give you a gift from ParadiseSalman wondered that a gift from Paradise came after the prophet.

He went to Fatima and Fatima gave him the date. The eleventh day Salman met Fatima again. In this meeting Fatima taught him a Divine text for fever. This prayer is known as the light/NOOR.

I've brought this text here in Arabic, but the several issues draw attention before reading prayer.

In this situation, why Fatima taught pray for fever?

What wrongdoing Salman made to the Prophet's family with his absence?

… And one of the most important questions is; Why NOOR?

بِسْمِ اللّهِ النُّورِ بِسْمِ اللّهِ نُورِ النُّورِ بِسْمِ اللّهِ نُورٌ عَلى نُورٍ بِسْمِ اللّهِ الَّذى هُوَ مُدَبِّرُ الامُورِ بِسْمِ اللّهِ الَّذى خَلَقَ النُّورَ مِنَ النُّورِ اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّهِ الَّذى خَلَقَ النُّورَ مِنَ النُّورِ وَاَنْزَلَ النُّورَ عَلىَ الطُّورِ فى کِتابٍ مَسْطُورٍ فى رَقٍّ مَنْشُورٍ بِقَدَرٍ مَقْدُورٍ عَلى نَبِیٍ مَحْبُورٍ اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّهِ الَّذى هُوَ بِالْعِزِّ مَذْکُورٌ وَبِالْفَخْرِ مَشْهُورٌ وَعَلَى السَّرّاَّءِ وَالضَّرّاَّءِ مَشْکُورٌ وَصَلَّى اللّهُ عَلى سَیِّدِنا مُحَمَّدٍ وَآلِهِ الطّاهِرینَ.

If I was Fatima

In the name of Allah

Salam! I am Fatima. I am very young. I am a female. I have a loving child in my womb.

I always talk with Allah and I wish my kids to hear my conversations.

I love the sun. The sun is very large and bright and…. and, the sun reminds me of my father.

I love small things. I like thinking about the question of who feeds the sparrow before it goes out of the egg? Who feeds the sparrows after being out of the egg while being very weak? Who causing my fetus to grow while in my womb?

Everything in this world comes into existence, continues to exist and it expires. And all the time Allah is Allah. Without any change. He has power over everything from everlasting to everlasting.

Every day everything became clear and bright by rising up the sun and going to the dark by sunset the sun.

When The sun fades away, Somethings scare me but my science and attention to Allah returns the sense of security to me.

Allah! I know you well. I am sure you hear me so, please hear me!

Allah! I know you well. I am sure you hear me so, please do not hesitate what I want from you.

Allah! When the sun goes a way, I think that if you take my abilities What will happen to me?

Allah! When the sun goes a way, I remember my future loneliness…

When the sun goes a way, I think that When I'm left alone in the grave What will happen to me?

Allah! Please hear me! When I am alone, do not leave me alone!


Holy Fatima! I saw what you said to Allah on sunset time and I brought two requests from your wishes from Allah in this text but I want to ask something from you.

You know very well that the sun is always around the ground. The sun never falls into the grave. The sun never leaves any point of the earth forever (before the resurrection). The sun returns every morning. with this conditions I have about 7 pages about your talking by Allah when the sun goes away just for several hours. but when you went, The Earth hugged you forever so, what was my father’s conversation to Allah when he brought you to the arms of the earth forever?

Oh, Fatima.

sunset reminds you.

From the prayers of Hazrat Fatima in the evening with Allah from Sahifeh Fatemiyeh's book

Education transforms people

In the name of Allah

If you want to bring them with you say something they like! Just that.

There are a lot of wrong and radical path in this world that I want call them tradition. Tradition of Taliban! tradition of ISIS/DAESH! Tradition of racist! Tradition of ….

And I mean by tradition accepting a path without any depth think!

I want to bring a part of Sakena Yacoobi’ lecture on the TED Talk, here. This woman is an Afghan woman doctor who has been a university professor in the United States and has returned to her country for help. When she came back, education was banned for women but she back and educate women.

“S.Y: …And they look at my face, and they said, "You are teaching girls here." I said, "This is a house of somebody. We have some students coming, and they are all learning Koran, Holy Book. And you know, Koran says that if you learn the Holy Book, the woman, they can be a good wife, and they can obey their husband."
Audience: (Laughter)

S.K: And I tell you one thing: that's the way you work with those people, and you know --

Audience: (Laughter)

The topic of her lecture is: “how I stopped the Taliban from shutting down my school.”

So one conclusion is that: if you want to bring someone with you say something he likes!

But something about Koran;

 Koran is a book for being a good husband, good child/offspring, good parent, good citizen, good human, ….

Koran want to learn us to be well scientists, to be a someone who is protecting of nature, animals, everything around!...

Koran help us to have a good family and act good with them….

Koran say us that how we can build our house and build our city. What is the good map for city and the houses of that in every different climate and region!

How to think, how to design, how to be, …
how to be a media, how to make a media, how to have a government, how to be a leader, how to have and write and execute fair law,…

Koran is a book for human but as one of new friend -that recently came to Islam by reading the Koran who lived in USA before-, said 90 percent of Muslims didn’t read the Koran at all! They read something but they don’t think on it and they don’t extract knowledge and life from it. They don’t TADDABOR on it.

Yes, that is right. education transforms people and if we don’t have a real world it means that the most of people didn’t read the Koran, yet.

But when we will read Koran well?

When will the education system be based on the Qur'an?

Soon, EN Sha Allah.

In the name of Allah

Why do we have only one Quran but several religions?

I want to classify this event in two categories.) here, event means "several religions."(

One thing is, everything happens by accident. (not intentional)

Another, everything is under management. (a person deliberately created several religions from a Qur'an.)


some events occur accidently but there are many factors that affect an accident.

Let's put it along with this definition of religion;

it seems to me to define religion with the relationship between man and the text he believes in.

So, we can divide the factors of accident into factors related to mankind and factors related to the Qur'an.

Some of the words in the Quran are as follows:

لعلکم تتفکرون. لعلکم تعقلون...

Which means that activating the thinking of each human is important.

How does the Quran do this? How does it activate thinking?

Thinking= تفکر و تعقل

It seems that there is a system or several systems in the Quran that promotes thought and reason.

thought and reason. = تفکر و تعقل

There is a verse that refers to these words; محکمات and متشابهات and   اولوالالباب and راسخون فی العلم.


"هُوَ الَّذی أَنْزَلَ عَلَیْکَ الْکِتابَ مِنْهُ آیاتٌ مُحْکَماتٌ هُنَّ أُمُّ الْکِتابِ وَ أُخَرُ مُتَشابِهاتٌ فَأَمَّا الَّذینَ فی قُلُوبِهِمْ زَیْغٌ فَیَتَّبِعُونَ ما تَشابَهَ مِنْهُ ابْتِغاءَ الْفِتْنَةِ وَ ابْتِغاءَ تَأْویلِهِ وَ ما یَعْلَمُ تَأْویلَهُ إِلاَّ اللّهُ وَ الرّاسِخُونَ فِی الْعِلْمِ یَقُولُونَ آمَنّا بِهِ کُلٌّ مِنْ عِنْدِ رَبِّنا وَ ما یَذَّکَّرُ إِلاّ أُولُوا اْلأَلْبابِ

سوره مبارکه آل عمران آیه 7"

“Allah is the One Who has sent Down to you [ O, Messenger] the [Holy]Book; some of its Words of Revelation Are Decisive and Explicit and these are The basics of the Book and others are Ambiguous; then those in whose hearts There is the disease of perversity, they Are after that which is not entirely clear, seeking to mislead and seeking to interpret [ to suit their selfish motives], But none knows its hidden meaning save Allah. And those who are firmly Grounded in knowledge say:" We Believe in the whole of it since it is From our Creator and Nurturer." And none Can grasp the truth of this save men of Wisdom;

it seems that I have to put myself in the way of accessing this ideal status. Status of; راسخون فی العلم و اولوالاالباب

Here is the earth and we are temporarily in order to

 test / evaluate / try and error / attempt and compensate / read the Qur'an and upgrade / read and grow.

Therefore, the Quran is a text that grows up.

The evaluation is factored in the essence of growth.

And the exam will rejection.

It depends entirely on the examiner's will.

And in the case of humans. What about humans?

What are the human factors that unintentionally/unwittingly help to making several religious?

In the Qur'an, عجول/ هلوع/ کفور/ کنود/ قتور/ قنوط/ ضعیف/ ظلوم جهول/ ظلوم کفور are some of the natural traits of man.

Thus, ignoring these traits leads man to unexpected deviation.


for example;

People like to quickly get out of work and they want to quickly gain a lot of benefits, so they can not wait for Imam Ali. People do not want to make a lot of change, and they prefer to think that everything is good and there is no need for further changes. they are satisfied with the current situation. They are عجول/هلوع/کفور/ کنود/ قتور/ قنوط/ ضعیف/ ظلوم جهول/ ظلوم کفور/...  And! they don’t knowL

They can not wait too long.

So they are joining anyone else that they think is more profitable.

Meanwhile, they must accept their new head's analysis of the Quran Because, they love Paradise in addition to the world. And they also do not have the patience to read and understand the Qur'an themselves.  They Must rely on someone!

 Human beings must recognize their natural traits and also recognize their souls and increase themselves from nature to God.

From nature to Asma'ullah.

From nature to Fetrat.

These views were about the possibility of chance in the creation of several religions from the Qur'an.

Second, a person deliberately created several religions from a Qur'an.

If the name of this person / force is Satan, he is responsible for human deviation.

Satan made great and famous crimes against Ahlul Bayt.

Satan has always tried to deflect beliefs and thoughts.

He has created religions near Islam to deceive the people.

He helped anyone who was Pharaoh to take government.

He covers the concept of “VELAYAT”.

However, the third idea of the sum of these two ideas has been extracted;

The Quran is a book for growth, and man has natural weaknesses and Satan wants to distract man.

What is our main task in this situation?

We must read the Quran and understand its general and main systems and structures, and place the details in the main structure in order to find the path and the Imam and the truth and act on the basis of the right/حق/ ‘HAGH’.

‘Hagh’ is one and can not be two.

Imam is ‘Hagh’ so, can not be two.

Religion is what our Imam invites, and the Imam never invites us to two different things.

the Qods day

In the name of Allah

Today I went to institute. Institute of TOLUE HAGH. What a good name they have. Today was good. Master talked about Palestine and Israel. He talked more about QODS and this kind of event for Palestinians. as the master’s hometown was in one city in USA so he was familiar with a lot of Palestinian in school and city and likes that. And it was very interesting for me cause, I had not seen none of them at all! In my really contact.

I don’t know who are they?

How do they think?

Are the Israeli people really kill them? Really?! I saw a lot of movie about Palestine that is true. But not understandable!

Today I realized that there are 8 million people just in Gaza. Well that is a lot.

So, are all of them in lack of food?

How many of them have problem?

How many of them will soon be driven out of their city?

Do they live with stress and fear?

Or they live in hope to have a better future?

Or they don't concern about anything! and they have an ordinary live! and they are friend with the people of Israel?

master said as people in Tehran are different, Palestinians are different, too. For example; Some of them are religious and some non-religious.

Hmmm…. I think, there is difference between different with different!

philosophical statement!

I mean, our religious people are revolutionaries. Are their religious people also revolutionaries?

We are looking for Imam!

We are following the path of the Imam!

We want to execute Imam's orders.

Do they also have Imam?

Our religious people are so good people, not traditional and simple and fanatics, are their religious people the same?

Our revolutionary religious people are knowledgeable. Are their religious revolutionary people like this?

Our revolutionary people are united, are the religious people of Palestine united, too?

Why are not the Israeli people ashamed of the Palestinian people, or at least they are not afraid of them?

master said all of the Palestinians don't agree with demonstration. some of them are agree and do that but some say this make worse.

I will continue, En Sha Allah.

Evil twin of climate change

This text is my comments about a lecture in American about bad twins of climates change, ocean acidification.

The oceans cover two-thirds of our planet.

 They provide half the oxygen we breathe. They moderate our climate.”

That was a new knowledge for me. I didn’t know ocean can provide oxygen. Most people know that water is a combination of 2 atoms, hydrogen and oxygen, and we know we breathe a combination of oxygen and other molecules but I don’t know how the H2O of water converts to oxygen?! do the molecules of water break and turn into oxygen and hydrogen?

 I think something else happen. 

People used to think that the oceans were so vast that

 they wouldn't be affected by human activities.

Yes! I think so! As the speaker says 2/3 of our planet cover by oceans! Ok that’s a lot! Thanks God! And something else which is very important is that the depth of oceans are high and we live in surface of the ground! How many problems can we make?

If I nominate the average height of ocean as “n”. We are less than (1/3) of earth * (1/n).

 We are very small in comparison to it. So as the speaker said, I think that the ocean is so vast and so high that they wouldn’t be affected by human activities.

So, now, I am enthusiastic to hear to the speaker to learn new things.

Well today I'm going to tell you about a serious reality that is changing our oceans called ocean acidification, or the evil twin of climate change. Did you know that the oceans have absorbed 25 percent of all of the carbon dioxide that we have emitted to the atmosphere?... But as we keep pumping more and more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere more is dissolving into the oceans. And this is what's changing our ocean chemistry….”

“Now lucky for you, I don't have time to get into the details of the chemistry for today.

No! it is not lucky for me!  In the informal way, in this situation, we Iranian people say: “E!”. because I was expecting something else, I wanted to know how we small area in the world can make change on the extremely big area but the speaker continued her lecture by what kind of spices is being suffered in this process.

But I'll tell you as more carbon dioxide enters the ocean, the seawater pH goes down.

And this basically means that there is an increase in ocean acidity.

And this whole process is called ocean acidification.

 In following she talked about a lot of problem that we make for some kind of marine life.

This rate of acidification is

 10 times faster than any acidification in our oceans for over 55 million years.

 So our marine life have never, ever experienced such a fast rate of change before.

 So we literally could not know how they're going to cope.

In this text, I pass her lecture and her examples without any comments to come to her final conclusion and her suggestions at the end of her lecture:

We need to work together,

slow down global warming

slow down ocean acidification

and help to maintain a healthy ocean

 and a healthy planet

for our generation

 and for generations to come.

I agree with her. But how we can do that? We should know a lot of thing about “How”, ”What”, and ”Why”.

I pray for all the scientist, all the governments, all the people to find the best way to live. The best way that any creature doesn’t face with human mistakes and, more than that, we all of us can help each other to have the best life.


This article is my analysis for the first 3minutes of a lecture about the refugees in this year. This lecture held in America in 2017 in English in a famous program with less than one million virtual audiences until now all around the word by web and about two hundred live audiences.

The global refugee crisis is the name of this lecture. The first part of the lecture is as follows:

“I'm going to speak to you about the global refugee crisis and my aim is to show you that this crisis is manageable, not unsolvable, but also show you that this is as much about us and who we are as it is a trial of the refugees on the front line.”

 At first, what is my idea about this article and What I know about refugee?

As I know as an ordinary Iranian citizen, we don’t have any problems about the coming refugees in our country. I mean that in Iran we have input immigrants from Afghanistan to work. They make money here and send it to their families in Afghanistan and some of them came to Iran with their family. We don’t have any problems with each other. The language of both of us is Persian-Farsi- and our religion is the same. I think that, one part of these worker immigrants who come here without their family didn’t live in a city under the Taliban’s control because they release their family in Afghanistan, so it means that their family are safe there. The other example is the Armenian. they moved to Iran many years ago. We think that we are the same. Iranian think that these Armenian people are from Iran and as I know they think that they are Iranian, too. Overall, usually we don’t have any problems with immigrants and refugees, so it is not a big problem, here.

But what I know about our exit? Usually, people run away from their country to be safe or they leave their country to get a job or get a university education. Thanks god Iran is safe but we have some kinds of brain drain here! Iranian people are heavyweight. Iranian people are intelligent so we can call every and each moving a brain drain! out of joke, generally, Iranian people immigrant for having better life like get a degree of education from European university or get a job.

As I said in two previous paragraphs, global refugee crisis is not our problem but I think that We are the most concerned people about the refugees. For example, we have a big marching all around the country at the last Friday of Ramadan even while we are fast at the hot noon of summer or cold noon at winter for Declaration of defense for the oppressed people who are under the aggressive ruler and we invite other people in other country to stand against, too. Our analysis is that the aggressive rulers are the main cause of any displacement and panic. And our analysis is that notifying people is one of the solutions But, panic and needy people prefer to go Europe and America because these countries are famous for their safty and developement.

Ok, now After combining my knowledge and thoroughly comments about refugees it is time to go back to that lecture.

“I'm going to speak to you about the global refugee crisis and my aim is to show you that this crisis is manageable, not unsolvable”

second I guess that western people are disappointed for solving the refugees crisis because the speaker use negative statements about solving problem and third, the idea of the speaker is managing refugee’s problem and I guess that this lecture don’t have any idea about eradicate the panic and displacement.

“but also show you that this is as much about us and who we are”

I agree with him. Any of the world’s problem is because of us. Each of us. every one of us. No one can be indifferent.

The speaker starts the story of these last 70 years with the displacement story of his Jewish parents and continued with Syrian displacement due to chemicals weapon attack and panic situation in Nigeria or Afghanistan because Nigerian abducted girls by Boko Haram and Taliban barbaric Afghans. And he said:

“These are not people moving to another country to get a better life. They're fleeing for their lives.”

“Last year, every minute, 24 more people were displaced from their homes by conflict, violence and persecution”.

The speaker said:

“It's a real tragedy that the world's most famous refugee can't come to speak to you here today.”

I don’t know if they can come to what they want to say. They shall claim of what? Claim of which? And what shall be their text? how can they defend themselves? I want to say that all the panic refugees aren’t a kind of illiterate and week people. Many of them knowing a lot of things about computer, internet, commuting, languages and else in addition that Muslim refugees have the best book that has descended from heaven. the best book to tips people. So can they use that and make a best text to lecture or not? I want to say that we are all responsible; refugee or giver of refugee.

He said that in 2015 about 3700 refugees who were trying to get to Europe died and one of them was five-years-old Alan-Kurdi, who many of people knew him, however we have 5000 people died in 2016!. So it means that 3700 died people even with 5 years old famous Alan were not enough to make a big revolution against the war and injustice and thoughtlessness and unawareness. “It's too late for them, but it's not too late for millions of others.” The speaker says.

“It's a real tragedy that the world's most famous refugee can't come to speak to you here today. Many of you will know this picture. It shows the lifeless body of five-year-old Alan-Kurdi, a Syrian refugee who died in the Mediterranean in 2015. He died alongside 3,700 others trying to get to Europe. The next year, 2016, 5,000 people died. It's too late for them, but it's not too late for millions of others.”

And what about the future of refugees?

Feredrick, an eighteen years old resident of a refugees camp- wants to know where could he complete his studies?

Haloud, a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon- has no certainty at all about her future, where it is or what it holds?

Until 03:28 (By the 3rd minute and 28th of a second)


don't think. set color

I have a sun in my panting. I am thinking about the color of that.
I think that, yellow is a very happy color and make my painting happy. Light red is nice, too. But, light red sun is a little gloomy. 
Can you help me, buddy? What is your recommend?
"Why do you want to set color to your sun?", Buddy said. 
"Because, color expresses deep feeling. I like it. I want to set color.", I said.
"Why do you painting?", Buddy said.
"I finished my daily routine and I have time to pleasure, so I painted and I want to set color to my sun and I don’t know which one is better. What is your idea?" , I said.
"Why did you paint sun?" , Buddy said.
"I don’t know! Maybe, As you know my painting is not very good and my colors aren’t a lot so I prefer to paint sun" , I said.
"Really? What a poor man. And I don’t have any coloring pencil. So I should paint the night because, I just have a black pen." , Buddy said.
"Do you want to paint? Do you have time like me? So, If you want to paint I have a few pencil, you can use them. I think the night is not a good paint for joy yourself." , I said.
"Do you think you are a poor man just because your low ability to painting and your few color pencil? ", Buddy said.
"If I was better in painting maybe I paint more but I am not an advanced painter and I don’t want to be one of them because it is not my duty and my mission " , I said.
"Why are you alive?" , Buddy said.
"What?" , Buddy said.
"Why are you alive?" , Buddy said.
"Me?" , I said.
"You want to do some kind of activity that it is hard for you. You mean that you are a poor man and you should die and we should pity you." 
"You?" , I said.
"Me and other colleague of this company should be depressed for you.", Buddy said.
"No, thanks! It is not important. working in this company is My real mission and i am making money. I don’t have any problem. Don’t worry yourself for me." , I said.

"You have a lack of fatherless in your depths of existence ", Buddy said.
"Really? I should think about it. Maybe you are correct…yes. I think you are correct. I can feel it" I said.

"So, think about it more."  Buddy said.

siding of what?

Are you fan of ISIS?
I am talking about a lecture that observed in America about 10 minutes in a famous gathering.
The lecturer came on the stage to tell her idea to others. I want to criticize her notion, here.
 "Don’t caught spreading of anyone at the media for  his/her bad action or bad ideas because if you caught them, they go from bad to worse." (indirect quotation)
I want to expand this idea with some examples:
When someone disturb you, release him. 
If someone brain washes you, be indifferent.
If one structure is expanding step by step to spread bad ideas and bad behaviors all over the world, release it.

If a structure consciously brain washes you, then you without knowing that, brain wash others, it's not important.
 If one structure spread all over the world by killing and making people like evil, release it.
If some families collapse and children live in a house with a lot of problem for  their parents wrong believes, be indifferent.
If some families miss their members in war, be indifferent.
release every bad things. be indifferent. Don’t caught anyone. Don’t prevent spreading evil and wrong and ridiculous ideas, because if they are prevented they become worse. 
The lecturer is worried that "censorship would destroy all civil conversation". (indirect quotation)
But I think different. Without fail, I agree with you to not to prevent others But, please do something before that.
First, please learn to analyze. not a usual analyze. but improving one. Analyzing skill help us to hear a lot of new ideas and think about them before allowing it to impress us. 
For analyzing please set some good ideas like the sense of mercy and justice as ground truth. 
Second, please pay attention to the general of others comments or ideas and write your comprehension  as a sentence. then, please compare your sentence with your ground truth.
If you did them you can be a little sure that new ideas couldn't wash your brain.
Third, please teach others to do these 3 steps.
After that, you can come over the scene in front of millions audience and say that please don’t prevent others and don’t censor them.
If you say these kind of thing before these 3 steps, we think that maybe you are one of them! Are'nt you?
no, you aren't. but.

Why are you chocked?

.She was chocked with tears

Sorry for your tears. But why? Why are you chocked?e

.Let  review the events

You where advertising your goods in the train but no one  wants to buy anything. And your voice show that you were becaming disappointed.e

As I know, you are a young single woman about 35 years old. Sickness makes your body hard to move and to speak. so, it's impossible to speak normally. But thanks God, you don’t have any brain disorders. you are selling socks but I don’t need now. And  we are in the train. Here is crowded. And it is 8 o'clock! And it is an express train! Couldn't you use a non-express train for selling? These statements pass in my mind.e 

After about 5 minuets you came near the stairs. you were in the top floor of the train and we were in the down floor. When you yell to advertise and looking us, you and me made an eye connection. And I didn’t need anything. so, I looked the other side.e

You yell and advertise a lot and after that you hesitate and interrupt to advertise. May be you chocked disappointed about us.e

In this time one of the traveler who has about 25 years old said: "Please give me your goods."e

"Here you are. Thanks. Please buy some of them."e

certainly, you didn’t say these things. you can't speak fast. But you would if you can. So, you Just was looking with a kind of expectation.e

Traveler yell:" ladies! Please notice. These are her goods. I have known her. That's a lot of years that she came here to sell things. As you see, she has movements problem and unfortunately her parents are the same too. She is here from morning till night to sell. 2 thousand TOMAN is not a lot of money for you but it is important for her." So, please buy something from her.e

At this moment, I looked at you to find what is your reaction?e

 I find you chocking with tears.e

I became chocked, too. And I wanted to emote myself about your reaction. so, I say slowly to my nearest traveler that "she is chocked with tears!"e

I looked at others. I saw that some of them were chocked  with tears too.e

We all were chocked with tears.e

who know why?e