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Your pleasure

In the name of Allah

Something that is very close to birth is death!

Mother feels the presence of God in her own, in every moment, especially in the last months of pregnancy. At least, sometimes, moms feel the presence of a creature in her own, especially when baby shakes or does not shake when it is expected to shake! The growth of a baby in the mother's body is kind of miracle, being alive is a miracle, too. breathing at any moment. Pumping the heart at any moment!  learning more new things, constantly by mind. becoming more patient and kinder and ….

The bad moment is the moment that all of this goes away! the last breaths! The last moving! The last… When the choice is taken from humans. for this difficult situation, just a mother can change this bad situation to the best one with her clever and subtle and gentle request from God! the mothers know how much the moment of death can be sweet. embracing a familiar stranger whose her mother was expecting so much for her is a sweet experience for moms. So, mothers know how they can pray for having the best death!

O Allah! put me the death as the best thing that I am waiting for!

O Allah! put me the death as the best thing that I will face to it. Glad tidings that makes my heart calm. A breeze of mercy. Your pleasure. Glad tidings of dignity.

الهم...واجعل الموت خیر غائب انتظره و خیر مطّلع یطّلع علی و ارزقنی...روحا من رحمتک و حظّا من رضوانک و بشری من کرامتک...


When the sun reaches its highest point, the turning-down begins.

وقتی که خورشید به بالاترین نقطه ی خود می رسد نوبت پایین آمدن آغاز می شود


From the prayers of Hazrat Fatima at noon with Allah from Sahifeh Fatemiyeh's book

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