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If I was Fatima

In the name of Allah

Salam! I am Fatima. I am very young. I am a female. I have a loving child in my womb.

I always talk with Allah and I wish my kids to hear my conversations.

I love the sun. The sun is very large and bright and…. and, the sun reminds me of my father.

I love small things. I like thinking about the question of who feeds the sparrow before it goes out of the egg? Who feeds the sparrows after being out of the egg while being very weak? Who causing my fetus to grow while in my womb?

Everything in this world comes into existence, continues to exist and it expires. And all the time Allah is Allah. Without any change. He has power over everything from everlasting to everlasting.

Every day everything became clear and bright by rising up the sun and going to the dark by sunset the sun.

When The sun fades away, Somethings scare me but my science and attention to Allah returns the sense of security to me.

Allah! I know you well. I am sure you hear me so, please hear me!

Allah! I know you well. I am sure you hear me so, please do not hesitate what I want from you.

Allah! When the sun goes a way, I think that if you take my abilities What will happen to me?

Allah! When the sun goes a way, I remember my future loneliness…

When the sun goes a way, I think that When I'm left alone in the grave What will happen to me?

Allah! Please hear me! When I am alone, do not leave me alone!


Holy Fatima! I saw what you said to Allah on sunset time and I brought two requests from your wishes from Allah in this text but I want to ask something from you.

You know very well that the sun is always around the ground. The sun never falls into the grave. The sun never leaves any point of the earth forever (before the resurrection). The sun returns every morning. with this conditions I have about 7 pages about your talking by Allah when the sun goes away just for several hours. but when you went, The Earth hugged you forever so, what was my father’s conversation to Allah when he brought you to the arms of the earth forever?

Oh, Fatima.

sunset reminds you.

From the prayers of Hazrat Fatima in the evening with Allah from Sahifeh Fatemiyeh's book
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