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Education transforms people

In the name of Allah

If you want to bring them with you say something they like! Just that.

There are a lot of wrong and radical path in this world that I want call them tradition. Tradition of Taliban! tradition of ISIS/DAESH! Tradition of racist! Tradition of ….

And I mean by tradition accepting a path without any depth think!

I want to bring a part of Sakena Yacoobi’ lecture on the TED Talk, here. This woman is an Afghan woman doctor who has been a university professor in the United States and has returned to her country for help. When she came back, education was banned for women but she back and educate women.

“S.Y: …And they look at my face, and they said, "You are teaching girls here." I said, "This is a house of somebody. We have some students coming, and they are all learning Koran, Holy Book. And you know, Koran says that if you learn the Holy Book, the woman, they can be a good wife, and they can obey their husband."
Audience: (Laughter)

S.K: And I tell you one thing: that's the way you work with those people, and you know --

Audience: (Laughter)

The topic of her lecture is: “how I stopped the Taliban from shutting down my school.”

So one conclusion is that: if you want to bring someone with you say something he likes!

But something about Koran;

 Koran is a book for being a good husband, good child/offspring, good parent, good citizen, good human, ….

Koran want to learn us to be well scientists, to be a someone who is protecting of nature, animals, everything around!...

Koran help us to have a good family and act good with them….

Koran say us that how we can build our house and build our city. What is the good map for city and the houses of that in every different climate and region!

How to think, how to design, how to be, …
how to be a media, how to make a media, how to have a government, how to be a leader, how to have and write and execute fair law,…

Koran is a book for human but as one of new friend -that recently came to Islam by reading the Koran who lived in USA before-, said 90 percent of Muslims didn’t read the Koran at all! They read something but they don’t think on it and they don’t extract knowledge and life from it. They don’t TADDABOR on it.

Yes, that is right. education transforms people and if we don’t have a real world it means that the most of people didn’t read the Koran, yet.

But when we will read Koran well?

When will the education system be based on the Qur'an?

Soon, EN Sha Allah.

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