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the Qods day

In the name of Allah

Today I went to institute. Institute of TOLUE HAGH. What a good name they have. Today was good. Master talked about Palestine and Israel. He talked more about QODS and this kind of event for Palestinians. as the master’s hometown was in one city in USA so he was familiar with a lot of Palestinian in school and city and likes that. And it was very interesting for me cause, I had not seen none of them at all! In my really contact.

I don’t know who are they?

How do they think?

Are the Israeli people really kill them? Really?! I saw a lot of movie about Palestine that is true. But not understandable!

Today I realized that there are 8 million people just in Gaza. Well that is a lot.

So, are all of them in lack of food?

How many of them have problem?

How many of them will soon be driven out of their city?

Do they live with stress and fear?

Or they live in hope to have a better future?

Or they don't concern about anything! and they have an ordinary live! and they are friend with the people of Israel?

master said as people in Tehran are different, Palestinians are different, too. For example; Some of them are religious and some non-religious.

Hmmm…. I think, there is difference between different with different!

philosophical statement!

I mean, our religious people are revolutionaries. Are their religious people also revolutionaries?

We are looking for Imam!

We are following the path of the Imam!

We want to execute Imam's orders.

Do they also have Imam?

Our religious people are so good people, not traditional and simple and fanatics, are their religious people the same?

Our revolutionary religious people are knowledgeable. Are their religious revolutionary people like this?

Our revolutionary people are united, are the religious people of Palestine united, too?

Why are not the Israeli people ashamed of the Palestinian people, or at least they are not afraid of them?

master said all of the Palestinians don't agree with demonstration. some of them are agree and do that but some say this make worse.

I will continue, En Sha Allah.

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