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Evil twin of climate change

This text is my comments about a lecture in American about bad twins of climates change, ocean acidification.

The oceans cover two-thirds of our planet.

 They provide half the oxygen we breathe. They moderate our climate.”

That was a new knowledge for me. I didn’t know ocean can provide oxygen. Most people know that water is a combination of 2 atoms, hydrogen and oxygen, and we know we breathe a combination of oxygen and other molecules but I don’t know how the H2O of water converts to oxygen?! do the molecules of water break and turn into oxygen and hydrogen?

 I think something else happen. 

People used to think that the oceans were so vast that

 they wouldn't be affected by human activities.

Yes! I think so! As the speaker says 2/3 of our planet cover by oceans! Ok that’s a lot! Thanks God! And something else which is very important is that the depth of oceans are high and we live in surface of the ground! How many problems can we make?

If I nominate the average height of ocean as “n”. We are less than (1/3) of earth * (1/n).

 We are very small in comparison to it. So as the speaker said, I think that the ocean is so vast and so high that they wouldn’t be affected by human activities.

So, now, I am enthusiastic to hear to the speaker to learn new things.

Well today I'm going to tell you about a serious reality that is changing our oceans called ocean acidification, or the evil twin of climate change. Did you know that the oceans have absorbed 25 percent of all of the carbon dioxide that we have emitted to the atmosphere?... But as we keep pumping more and more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere more is dissolving into the oceans. And this is what's changing our ocean chemistry….”

“Now lucky for you, I don't have time to get into the details of the chemistry for today.

No! it is not lucky for me!  In the informal way, in this situation, we Iranian people say: “E!”. because I was expecting something else, I wanted to know how we small area in the world can make change on the extremely big area but the speaker continued her lecture by what kind of spices is being suffered in this process.

But I'll tell you as more carbon dioxide enters the ocean, the seawater pH goes down.

And this basically means that there is an increase in ocean acidity.

And this whole process is called ocean acidification.

 In following she talked about a lot of problem that we make for some kind of marine life.

This rate of acidification is

 10 times faster than any acidification in our oceans for over 55 million years.

 So our marine life have never, ever experienced such a fast rate of change before.

 So we literally could not know how they're going to cope.

In this text, I pass her lecture and her examples without any comments to come to her final conclusion and her suggestions at the end of her lecture:

We need to work together,

slow down global warming

slow down ocean acidification

and help to maintain a healthy ocean

 and a healthy planet

for our generation

 and for generations to come.

I agree with her. But how we can do that? We should know a lot of thing about “How”, ”What”, and ”Why”.

I pray for all the scientist, all the governments, all the people to find the best way to live. The best way that any creature doesn’t face with human mistakes and, more than that, we all of us can help each other to have the best life.

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