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This article is my analysis for the first 3minutes of a lecture about the refugees in this year. This lecture held in America in 2017 in English in a famous program with less than one million virtual audiences until now all around the word by web and about two hundred live audiences.

The global refugee crisis is the name of this lecture. The first part of the lecture is as follows:

“I'm going to speak to you about the global refugee crisis and my aim is to show you that this crisis is manageable, not unsolvable, but also show you that this is as much about us and who we are as it is a trial of the refugees on the front line.”

 At first, what is my idea about this article and What I know about refugee?

As I know as an ordinary Iranian citizen, we don’t have any problems about the coming refugees in our country. I mean that in Iran we have input immigrants from Afghanistan to work. They make money here and send it to their families in Afghanistan and some of them came to Iran with their family. We don’t have any problems with each other. The language of both of us is Persian-Farsi- and our religion is the same. I think that, one part of these worker immigrants who come here without their family didn’t live in a city under the Taliban’s control because they release their family in Afghanistan, so it means that their family are safe there. The other example is the Armenian. they moved to Iran many years ago. We think that we are the same. Iranian think that these Armenian people are from Iran and as I know they think that they are Iranian, too. Overall, usually we don’t have any problems with immigrants and refugees, so it is not a big problem, here.

But what I know about our exit? Usually, people run away from their country to be safe or they leave their country to get a job or get a university education. Thanks god Iran is safe but we have some kinds of brain drain here! Iranian people are heavyweight. Iranian people are intelligent so we can call every and each moving a brain drain! out of joke, generally, Iranian people immigrant for having better life like get a degree of education from European university or get a job.

As I said in two previous paragraphs, global refugee crisis is not our problem but I think that We are the most concerned people about the refugees. For example, we have a big marching all around the country at the last Friday of Ramadan even while we are fast at the hot noon of summer or cold noon at winter for Declaration of defense for the oppressed people who are under the aggressive ruler and we invite other people in other country to stand against, too. Our analysis is that the aggressive rulers are the main cause of any displacement and panic. And our analysis is that notifying people is one of the solutions But, panic and needy people prefer to go Europe and America because these countries are famous for their safty and developement.

Ok, now After combining my knowledge and thoroughly comments about refugees it is time to go back to that lecture.

“I'm going to speak to you about the global refugee crisis and my aim is to show you that this crisis is manageable, not unsolvable”

second I guess that western people are disappointed for solving the refugees crisis because the speaker use negative statements about solving problem and third, the idea of the speaker is managing refugee’s problem and I guess that this lecture don’t have any idea about eradicate the panic and displacement.

“but also show you that this is as much about us and who we are”

I agree with him. Any of the world’s problem is because of us. Each of us. every one of us. No one can be indifferent.

The speaker starts the story of these last 70 years with the displacement story of his Jewish parents and continued with Syrian displacement due to chemicals weapon attack and panic situation in Nigeria or Afghanistan because Nigerian abducted girls by Boko Haram and Taliban barbaric Afghans. And he said:

“These are not people moving to another country to get a better life. They're fleeing for their lives.”

“Last year, every minute, 24 more people were displaced from their homes by conflict, violence and persecution”.

The speaker said:

“It's a real tragedy that the world's most famous refugee can't come to speak to you here today.”

I don’t know if they can come to what they want to say. They shall claim of what? Claim of which? And what shall be their text? how can they defend themselves? I want to say that all the panic refugees aren’t a kind of illiterate and week people. Many of them knowing a lot of things about computer, internet, commuting, languages and else in addition that Muslim refugees have the best book that has descended from heaven. the best book to tips people. So can they use that and make a best text to lecture or not? I want to say that we are all responsible; refugee or giver of refugee.

He said that in 2015 about 3700 refugees who were trying to get to Europe died and one of them was five-years-old Alan-Kurdi, who many of people knew him, however we have 5000 people died in 2016!. So it means that 3700 died people even with 5 years old famous Alan were not enough to make a big revolution against the war and injustice and thoughtlessness and unawareness. “It's too late for them, but it's not too late for millions of others.” The speaker says.

“It's a real tragedy that the world's most famous refugee can't come to speak to you here today. Many of you will know this picture. It shows the lifeless body of five-year-old Alan-Kurdi, a Syrian refugee who died in the Mediterranean in 2015. He died alongside 3,700 others trying to get to Europe. The next year, 2016, 5,000 people died. It's too late for them, but it's not too late for millions of others.”

And what about the future of refugees?

Feredrick, an eighteen years old resident of a refugees camp- wants to know where could he complete his studies?

Haloud, a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon- has no certainty at all about her future, where it is or what it holds?

Until 03:28 (By the 3rd minute and 28th of a second)


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