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siding of what?

Are you fan of ISIS?
I am talking about a lecture that observed in America about 10 minutes in a famous gathering.
The lecturer came on the stage to tell her idea to others. I want to criticize her notion, here.
 "Don’t caught spreading of anyone at the media for  his/her bad action or bad ideas because if you caught them, they go from bad to worse." (indirect quotation)
I want to expand this idea with some examples:
When someone disturb you, release him. 
If someone brain washes you, be indifferent.
If one structure is expanding step by step to spread bad ideas and bad behaviors all over the world, release it.

If a structure consciously brain washes you, then you without knowing that, brain wash others, it's not important.
 If one structure spread all over the world by killing and making people like evil, release it.
If some families collapse and children live in a house with a lot of problem for  their parents wrong believes, be indifferent.
If some families miss their members in war, be indifferent.
release every bad things. be indifferent. Don’t caught anyone. Don’t prevent spreading evil and wrong and ridiculous ideas, because if they are prevented they become worse. 
The lecturer is worried that "censorship would destroy all civil conversation". (indirect quotation)
But I think different. Without fail, I agree with you to not to prevent others But, please do something before that.
First, please learn to analyze. not a usual analyze. but improving one. Analyzing skill help us to hear a lot of new ideas and think about them before allowing it to impress us. 
For analyzing please set some good ideas like the sense of mercy and justice as ground truth. 
Second, please pay attention to the general of others comments or ideas and write your comprehension  as a sentence. then, please compare your sentence with your ground truth.
If you did them you can be a little sure that new ideas couldn't wash your brain.
Third, please teach others to do these 3 steps.
After that, you can come over the scene in front of millions audience and say that please don’t prevent others and don’t censor them.
If you say these kind of thing before these 3 steps, we think that maybe you are one of them! Are'nt you?
no, you aren't. but.

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