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don't think. set color

I have a sun in my panting. I am thinking about the color of that.
I think that, yellow is a very happy color and make my painting happy. Light red is nice, too. But, light red sun is a little gloomy. 
Can you help me, buddy? What is your recommend?
"Why do you want to set color to your sun?", Buddy said. 
"Because, color expresses deep feeling. I like it. I want to set color.", I said.
"Why do you painting?", Buddy said.
"I finished my daily routine and I have time to pleasure, so I painted and I want to set color to my sun and I don’t know which one is better. What is your idea?" , I said.
"Why did you paint sun?" , Buddy said.
"I don’t know! Maybe, As you know my painting is not very good and my colors aren’t a lot so I prefer to paint sun" , I said.
"Really? What a poor man. And I don’t have any coloring pencil. So I should paint the night because, I just have a black pen." , Buddy said.
"Do you want to paint? Do you have time like me? So, If you want to paint I have a few pencil, you can use them. I think the night is not a good paint for joy yourself." , I said.
"Do you think you are a poor man just because your low ability to painting and your few color pencil? ", Buddy said.
"If I was better in painting maybe I paint more but I am not an advanced painter and I don’t want to be one of them because it is not my duty and my mission " , I said.
"Why are you alive?" , Buddy said.
"What?" , Buddy said.
"Why are you alive?" , Buddy said.
"Me?" , I said.
"You want to do some kind of activity that it is hard for you. You mean that you are a poor man and you should die and we should pity you." 
"You?" , I said.
"Me and other colleague of this company should be depressed for you.", Buddy said.
"No, thanks! It is not important. working in this company is My real mission and i am making money. I don’t have any problem. Don’t worry yourself for me." , I said.

"You have a lack of fatherless in your depths of existence ", Buddy said.
"Really? I should think about it. Maybe you are correct…yes. I think you are correct. I can feel it" I said.

"So, think about it more."  Buddy said.

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