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Why are you chocked?

.She was chocked with tears

Sorry for your tears. But why? Why are you chocked?e

.Let  review the events

You where advertising your goods in the train but no one  wants to buy anything. And your voice show that you were becaming disappointed.e

As I know, you are a young single woman about 35 years old. Sickness makes your body hard to move and to speak. so, it's impossible to speak normally. But thanks God, you don’t have any brain disorders. you are selling socks but I don’t need now. And  we are in the train. Here is crowded. And it is 8 o'clock! And it is an express train! Couldn't you use a non-express train for selling? These statements pass in my mind.e 

After about 5 minuets you came near the stairs. you were in the top floor of the train and we were in the down floor. When you yell to advertise and looking us, you and me made an eye connection. And I didn’t need anything. so, I looked the other side.e

You yell and advertise a lot and after that you hesitate and interrupt to advertise. May be you chocked disappointed about us.e

In this time one of the traveler who has about 25 years old said: "Please give me your goods."e

"Here you are. Thanks. Please buy some of them."e

certainly, you didn’t say these things. you can't speak fast. But you would if you can. So, you Just was looking with a kind of expectation.e

Traveler yell:" ladies! Please notice. These are her goods. I have known her. That's a lot of years that she came here to sell things. As you see, she has movements problem and unfortunately her parents are the same too. She is here from morning till night to sell. 2 thousand TOMAN is not a lot of money for you but it is important for her." So, please buy something from her.e

At this moment, I looked at you to find what is your reaction?e

 I find you chocking with tears.e

I became chocked, too. And I wanted to emote myself about your reaction. so, I say slowly to my nearest traveler that "she is chocked with tears!"e

I looked at others. I saw that some of them were chocked  with tears too.e

We all were chocked with tears.e

who know why?e

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